Gilles Villeneuve

1978 2

Giacobazzi received a call from his friend Enzo Ferrari, who asked to sponsor this partly unknown Canadian driver, a snowmobile racing champion and a driver on USA circuits.

He could not refuse and the name Giacobazzi and the image of Villeneuve became indissolubly linked thereafter with a huge commercial return. Giacobazzi was everywhere in Formula 1: on podia, where the Grand Prix Spumante was used for toasting, and in the most spectacular points of circuits all over the world.

In particular, Giacobazzi was at home at Imola and everybody still remember beautiful models in Lambrusco team Giacobazzi uniform strolling in the pits.

A close friendship was established between the Villeneuve and Giacobazzi families and Antonio was one of the very few close friends who could attend Gilles Villeneuve’s cremation and take part in the strictly private funerals. The friendship between the family never stopped and also Jacques, Gilles' son, used to bear the name of Giacobazzi on his driving suit at the beginning of his career.

Today, Gilles' car, a 1979 Ferrari T4, is kept in Giacobazzi's family museum in Nonantola.