Giacobazzi and sport

giacobazzi e sport2

In bicycle racing, Marco Pantani is the flagship racer in the company's sports history. Pantani raced in the the G.S. Giacobazzi from 1990 till 1992: he ranked third, second and first in succession in the Giro d'Italia for amateurs and became a professional while the season was not over yet.

Another showpiece is gold medalist Claudio Vandelli in the 100 km team time trials in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

In motorcycle racing, Walter Villa (1943-2002), who was born in the very province of Modena, precisely in Castenuovo Rangone, took the name of Giacobazzi to circuits all over the world when he won the world championship on a Harley-Davidson four times between 1974 and 1976, three times in class 250 and one in class 350.

It partnered the long-standing brand Panini in volleyball, the Modena F.C. in soccer, and Dante Canè in boxing.